Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Can We promise you #1 on Google?

Nobody can promise you that they can control what the search engines do. Many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) "experts" out there may claim guaranteed top rankings on Google if you employ their "secret" methods.

Keep It On The Level

The way we consistently achieve better rankings is to run an honest program with the search engines. No using of sneaky redirects or link farms. Instead we will build your website to simply be accessible to them and relevance will ultimately be based on it's content and architecture.

Search Engine Optimization and Maintenance

A good seo maintenance program entails monitoring for traffic statistics and search engine results for each targeted niche on a weekly basis. Also recommended is to study what the competition is doing to achieve their high rankings.

Updating a portion of the content as often as possible will keep the page fresh. This can be done simply by keeping news and inventory current as well as displaying daily headlines on the main page. A simple weblog can be used to generate your own syndicated news feeds for websites. We can do any needed maintenance for you by the hour anytime your website requires changes to compete effectively.

Is all this necessary?

In many smaller niches this kind of diligence is probably not necessary if your site is already keyword optimized with prose content and built better than the competition.

Simply Put

There are rules and recommendations to the SEO game that you can find at Google Webmasters. Most of SEO is using common sense realizing that rank must be earned by actual relevance and originality of the content.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization

We do it right...

All of our sites are built from the start with accessibility, visibility and relevance to the search engines in mind. We will never charge you extra just to make your new website to be search robot friendly.

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